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Yiwu is a city in central Zhejiang Province in China. It is 300 kilometers away from Shanghai, one-hour trip to Hangzhou International Airport and is also adjacent to the Oriental Super Port – Ningbo Port. Yiwu market is world famous for its largest wholesale market of consumer goods and called as “a city based on the market” and “paradise for the purchasers”.

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Yiwu Airport


Yiwu airport is 5.5 km away from Yiwu City , Zhejiang Midwest region's largest airports, flight zone technical grade for 4c level, can accommodate md-82, b-737, a-320 and other medium-sized aircraft; built simultaneously parking 3 large aircraft, two small aircraft parking stands 5; and the domestic terminal to meet the 500 people waiting at the same time; equipped with modern instrument landing systems, weather forecasting systems, communications, navigation system, full night lighting system and imported, with complex weather conditions for takeoff and landing.


Flight Schedule


Flight-course Models From To Take-off Land
CZ3726   Beijing Yiwu 10:05:00 PM 11:55:00 PM
CZ3881   Shantou Yiwu 8:10:00 AM 9:35:00 AM
CZ6398   Shenzhen Yiwu 1:15:00 PM 3:15:00 PM
CZ3727   Guangzhou Yiwu 7:55:00 AM 9:35:00 AM
KY8087   KunMing Yiwu 9:00:00 AM 1:10:00 PM
CZ3876   Xiamen Yiwu 4:00:00 PM 5:05:00 PM
CZ3886   GuangZhou Yiwu 8:00:00 PM 9:40:00 PM
CZ3883   GuangZhou Yiwu 11:20:00 AM 1:10:00 PM
CZ3309   GuangZhou Yiwu 5:20:00 PM 7:05:00 PM
CZ3725   Yiwu Beijing 6:50:00 PM 9:10:00 PM
CZ3882   Yiwu Shantou 10:20:00 PM 11:40:00 PM
CZ6397   Yiwu Shenzhen 10:25:00 AM 12:20:00 PM
CZ3885   Yiwu Guangzhou 7:55:00 AM 9:50:00 AM
CZ3796   Yiwu GuangZhou 4:00:00 PM 5:45:00 PM
CZ3310   Yiwu GuangZhou 7:55:00 PM 9:45:00 PM
KY8088   Yiwu KunMing 2:10:00 PM 6:10:00 PM

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