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Yiwu is a city in central Zhejiang Province in China. It is 300 kilometers away from Shanghai, one-hour trip to Hangzhou International Airport and is also adjacent to the Oriental Super Port – Ningbo Port. Yiwu market is world famous for its largest wholesale market of consumer goods and called as “a city based on the market” and “paradise for the purchasers”.

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Yiwu Food Wholesale Retail Market

The new Food Wholesale Market was officially put into use in October,2008, which locates in Xicheng Road and between the overpass of west Chengzhong Road and Chengxi river. The market has a total stipulated area of 68749.5 square meters, with a construction space of 32662.42 square meters. This 5-storey building costs 280million yuan to come into being and its underground and upper floor is for parking.

The first and second floors provide all variety of dried food, wine and daily consumption goods and have 2147 booths currently; the third floor is used for distribution center of different specialty from diverse factories, as well as reception and office site. The fourth and fifth floors are equipped with relating service departments like commerce, finance,tax,market supervision and property management. Due to the wide-range food offered here, many people are attacted to purchase for wholesale or retail.


Yiwu Flower and Pants Market

Yiwu Flower and Plants Market cover an area of 130000 square meters and investment capital of 150million yuan. It is one part of the Yiwu Agricultural Trading Market, which cosists of other items  like fruits, vegetable, sugar cane, and livestock. Inside the market also has various antiques shops offering calligraphy, scripts, paintings, stone carvings, wooden carvings and handicrafts. There are many stalls and outdoor booths attracting customers fromvarious regions and countries. You can buy diverse kinds ou flowers and plant trees for decoration or business purpose. The market is becoming more and more popular nowadays.


 Yiwu Knitting Market

Yiwu Knitting Market is Zhejiang three-star civilization market, built by Yiwu market develop & invest centre, located in 93#, Chengzhong Middle Road, Yiwu.

Yiwu Knitting Market covers an area of  25,357 square meters, its construction area is about 60,000 square meters and business area is 41000 square meters. There are 2012 boothes, 258 stores in the first floor,where is special in hosiery; on the second floor, raw materials  and knitting machines cover the zone, with 256 stores.

There are nearly 200 distributors and agents in Yiwu Knitting Markets. Native brands products occupy about 70% market, sales of socks is about 30% of the country's tital sales.

Knitting Market are equipped with public security, taxation, labor associations, public security, finance, catering, property management and other daily services, also has a business negitiation room, "365" service hall,business center, room service broadcasting, strengthen and expand the market for the knitting and achieve the Government's strategy.


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