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Yiwu is a city in central Zhejiang Province in China. It is 300 kilometers away from Shanghai, one-hour trip to Hangzhou International Airport and is also adjacent to the Oriental Super Port – Ningbo Port. Yiwu market is world famous for its largest wholesale market of consumer goods and called as “a city based on the market” and “paradise for the purchasers”.

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Yiwu Weather 10 Day Forecast:


Yiwu Weather 5 Day Forecast:


Yiwu Weather 6 Day Forecast:


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Yiwu Weather 7-10 Day Forecast:


Yiwu Weather 7-10 Day Forecast:





Weather in Yiwu,monthly:

January: -3°C--10°C

February: -1°C--15°C,Spring Holiday, 25 days

March: 10°C--20°C

April: 15°C--25°C

May: 20°C--30°C


July: 30°C--40°C

August: 28°C--40°C

September: 20°C--35°C

October: 15°C--30°C,National Holiday,7 days

Novenber: 10°C--25°C

December: 5°C--15°C






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